Sunday, May 20, 2012

Excuse me, can you tell me what my name is?

Many times we look to others to make sense of things we ourselves don't understand. I question whether or not that's the right way to about matters. Looking to other people for understanding about ourselves is the equivalent of asking a stranger what your name is. Even those closest to use will err in giving us advice, and their errors more than likely stems from their assumption that they know and better than that, that they understand. Fact: No one knows you better than you know yourself. We need not look further than within ourselves for the answers we seek. We are our own best friend

My Love

I have been in Love
I have fallen out of love
I have loved too much
I have loved not enough
I have loved some not in love with me
I have been given love I never returned
At times love was not enough
At times love was too much
I have begged for love
I have cursed love
I have appreciated old loves
I have feared new loves
I have created love
I have destroyed love
At times love was my strength
At times love held me back
I have ran away from love
I have chased love down
I have cried because of love
I have grown angry because of love
I have been confused by love
I have been enlightened by love
At times love has fulfilled me
At times love has left me empty
I have been stupid with love
I have been smart with love
I have been reckless with love
I have been cautious with love
I have been too giving with love
I have been too stingy with love
At times I have chosen not to love
At times I couldn't help who I loved
Because I am full of love
So I will love
And I do love
Because I am love and love is me
So I love to love and I seek to love Love
And I will love to love Love so I can love to love me