Thursday, March 28, 2013

27 great things about being 27 and great

So I just recently celebrated my 27th birthday. From my 24th - 26th birthday I did the usual go out and black out. This year I took a whole different approach it was the chillest yet best birthday I had it years. I had to stop and ask myself what has changed from 26 to 27. So I decided to come up with this list of 27 great things about being 27 and great!

1. You still feel - You may be 27 but you still feel 21... ok, maybe not 21 any more but 25. Defintely 25, either way, totally starting to get the whole "Age is a state of mind" saying.

2. Older Friends - At this age bumping elbows with older, more successful, people than those that are in their 20's is becoming the norm. Which in turn means bumping elbows with their older, more successful, single friends.

3. You still look like you're 17 - What can you say? It may be a case of "Black don't crack??" haha!But for real... getting carded at R-rated movies is getting old.

4. Lack of Recklessness - You never knew when the whole "Let's go out and get f*cked up" nature would leave you, but it finally has, now it's more of... Let's go out get tipsy then go home and go to bed. No more waking up the next morning wondering how you got wherever you are.

4. Reflection - Being able to look at the young and dumb and realize that was once you and that you survived it. Congratulations.

5. Freedom - Doing things because you want to. Want to go to Vegas this weekend? Sounds good. NYC? Let's do it!! 2 Week Road trip, I'll pack my bags now!

6. High School Reunion - Realizing that your high school reunion is just around the corner and knowing you've done insanely better then 94% of your classmates who were so much "cooler : then you. Wished you cared enough to attend... but you don't

7. You know what you want - No more kissing the frog hoping he's a prince in disguise, you can see the warts clear as day... or his shining princely sword. heh. But who says you want to date anyways, if need be you know how to set feelings aside and successfully pull off the "one and done" better than most.

8. People want to be you - No longer considered the crazy reckless college kid, but not too old to be considered boring. The younger kids dream about being at your level some day  and try to emulate you and the older kids wish they could relive "those days" and  live vicariously through you. Enjoy it while it lasts

9. Children - Whether they're children of your own, a friend's, or your niece or nephews, by this age the babyboom is in full swing. Can't get enough of kissing those fat baby cheeks over and over again. Just make sure you don't have lip herpes.

10. Weddings - Just like the baby boom, by now at the start of spring through fall you're attending a wedding regularly. We all know weddings are the perfect excuse for the weekend vacation and a little fun.

11. Friends that Move away - Friends that move away to cool places = An excuse to visit cool places, a free place to stay and free tour guide.

12. Old Clothes  - Realizing you can still fit jeans from high school. 'Nuff said.

13. Discovery - You are no longer a foreigner to yourself. You know exactly who you are. After all you spend 26 years defining that person. And Hell, if you find out you don't like what you created, you're not too old to change.

14. Young Professional - You're the baby in your local young professional organization. Even maybe too young to be in the young professional organization, either way, the older professional will take notice.

15. Season Tickets -  Tailgating at your alma-mater's football or basketball game is a thing of the past (unless you really want to do it) now-a-days you can afford season tickets and maybe even the sky box. A thing of luxury.

16. No Drug Addictions - Well considering some of the more famous celebrity overdoses (Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse) seems to occur when they're 27, reaching this age with no drug addictions probably means Death by OD is not in your future

17.  No need to Lie - Depending on who you found yourself talking to, younger or older, you probably at some point wished that you could lie about your age. But 27 is a nice medium.  No need to want to be younger or older.

18. Confidence - Do I really need to go into this? I think not.

19. Appreciation -  The road you traveled was not always an easy one, looking back at the family members that have helped you out and the friends that are still around brings a whole new sense of appreciation for those in your life into perspective.

20. Bachelor(ette) pad - Kick your feet up on your ikea coffee table and recline back on that ikea love seat. It may not be comfortable, and it may be awkward to sit on, but it sure is stylish and did I mention it looks fantastic with the city skyline as its backdrop. You live for the ooooh's and aaaah's of friends when they walk in.

21. Oldies But Goodies -  no longer refers to the song your parents jammed to back in there day, but refers the songs both you AND your parents jammed to when you both were young

22. Fads Don't Phase You - Out with the flashy, begone with the trashy, it's all about keeping calm and staying classy. Whether it's fashion trends or social trends you recognize them for what they are. Let the young ones chase em and stay classy

23. Doing things alone - Those days of asking a friend to join you is over. Now you go to the coffee shop alone, happy hour alone, shopping alone. You're quite comfortable being alone and In fact you may even prefer it! Now time to tackle going to the movies alone.... well, maybe not

24. Your Body Is Your Temple  - You actually start treating yourself right. Getting enough sleep, exercise, stopped smoking, practice a  good diet, and mindset. Your body took enough abuse when you were younger and now you treat it like gold.

25. Spirituality - Whatever that means to you, there's more of it and you're becoming closer to it as it lifts you up and guides you in life

26. No Judgments - for when you do decide to let loose and act a fool, no one is going to judge you. After all, you're mature, you keep it classy 99.9% of the time. You're allowed to get wild a few times out of the year.

27. You're Awesome - Point Blank. No other explanations needed

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


What is spirituality? This is one of the words I've seen thrown around whenever anyone has a chance. However, though we are apt to use it, it cannot be defined. Even wikipedia failed to define it. For a word without a definition so many of us seek it in our every day lives or try to find ways to enhance it. Either way, I think we can all agree that finding and having spirituality enriches and enhances our lives. But one day I started to wonder, is there such a thing as too much spirituality? If there is too much of one thing then there must be a lack of another. Which leads me to next question/thought, what is the opposite of spirituality?

If the spirit is a ethereal,  non-physical substance then its begs to reason that the opposite of it would simply be anything physical. Material. Thus the opposite to spiritualism is materialism. This concept makes me chuckle a little because we commonly use material things to enrich our spiritualism. As made evident on various social media sites by the people who "flaunt" their spiritualism by showing material objects they've gathered. I myself am guilty of an instagram post or two. But these material items do serve a valid role in helping us generate our sense of spirituality. But maybe that's it. They help us achieve a sense of spirituality and not necessarily spirituality itself.

That made me realize that spirituality is a state of mind that one must achieve. To do so using materialistic things only serves to negate the true spirituality we are trying to achieve. It took me a little over two years to recognize this. I continually surrounded myself with things that helped me feel at peace, helped me feel "one" with my inner self.  I'm beginning to understand that the little tricks we do to try to fast track the process are only that, tricks. The only thing we need is the one weapon God has gifted us all with. Something no man can destroy, can steal from you, can replicate, can counterfeit.  Our minds, which produce our beliefs which help manifest the thoughts that govern our actions.

Spirituality all boils down to our beliefs, thoughts and our actions. I observe many people who claim to be spiritual, to lead a spiritual life and it is clearly evident in their thoughts and beliefs. But their deeds are dominated and dictated by materialistic motives. I could very well consider myself such a person. It is becoming evident to me that spiritualism, enlightenment is only hindered by our materialistic needs. That excess, that surplus, that we all love to indulge in. That new outfit or bag or car may make you feel good about yourself, may put you in a better state of mind, which may in turn seemingly enhance your spirituality, but that effect will only last as long those material things are in our lives, or conversely, for as long as we care about those material things. Yet many of us who claim to be spiritual allows their actions to be motivated by the pursuit of these materialistic items.

I am starting to be of the belief that we stop pursuing the excess we want in our lives and let our actions be dictated by purely spiritual motives then that excess will be given to us by other means. In other words, it does not mean being without out, it means giving yourself over to true spiritualism and being rewarded for it. But then again one could argue that if you have truly reached an optimum spiritualist state or enlightenment then you'd have no need or want for these rewards.

I suppose this means I shouldn't want and/or get this Michael Kor's tote...

Hmm.... Well Buddha wasn't enlightened overnight! Baby hops little grasshooper, baby hops :)