About Me

I am a recently graduated, un-single, twenty-something-year old,  aunt of four, health care professional navigating through life's complicated, ironic, fantastic and difficult moments.

I've recently made the decision to get sisterlocks, so part of this blog is dedicated to chronicling that journey. Feel free to follow my journey, but please don't steal any of my pictures, just ask or link to the blog.

My MBTI personality type is INTP (if you haven't taken an MBTI personality tests do so!) INTPs are among the rarest personality type, especially among female. Not that that really matters. But they're grouped in the "Rationals" category, often regarded as the absent-minded professor. We would rather spend our days thinking then actually doing structured and organized works. I'm no exception. As a life-long learner I'm constantly thinking about random scenarios, problems and solutions. Sometimes those thoughts have gotten me in trouble, sometimes they help me break through an important epiphany. Many times those thoughts come and go faster then I can remember I even had them.... But as an introvert I typically keep those thoughts to myself. This blog serves for an outlet for my irrational rationalizations or rational irrationalizations... (whichever of those is most grammatically correct)... that I actually remember and care enough to write about.

I also have a slightly creative and artistic side that has been very neglected while I spent over 10 years in school. Besides drawing and painting, knitting (don't judge) , I also enjoy writing pieces of work. I call these my complicated simplicities. None of them are good. Many of them I keep to myself, but some I like to share anyways. Then there are my postscripts. These are a summation of notes to myself and random epiphanies I have throughout they day. They're of no real significance, just random...

Anyways, I'm currently entering a new period in my life and I hope that this blogs helps me organize my crazy thoughts and document my random going-ons. I doubt many or anyone will be reading this seriously. If you're reading this... I'm curious as to who you are?? Feel free to comment! Also, I'm sorry for any waxing and waning in posting... I'm bad at keeping projects going. (The INTP in me)

Thanks for reading!!